Earn more from your rentals!

By cooperating with us you will receive:

  • Attractive and transparent contract terms.
  • Round-the-clock access to a virtual rental calendar – at any time you can check how many days in a month your apartment is rented.
  • A marketing campaign on the largest booking portals and promotion in social media.
  • Exclusive photo shoot, thanks to which we will show your apartment from the best side and attract future guests.
  • Professional and reliable representation in dealing with the administration or other cooperating entities.
  • Comprehensive management of advertisements on the web.
  • An effective price control system to optimize profits.
  • Direct guest service with the highest standards – your guests will experience 5-star hospitality.
  • Uninterrupted care of the Apartment 365 days a year.
  • Monitoring of the technical condition and removal of current defects.
  • Inspection of tenants and rented Apartment throughout the contract period.
  • Preparation and thorough cleaning of the facility, in accordance with the standards accepted in 5-star hotels.
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Happy Stay biuro

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