I. General information.

  1. These Regulations set out the terms and conditions for booking and renting apartments located on the website and booking portals.
  2. Making a reservation is tantamount to knowing and accepting the provisions of the Rules and Regulations.
  3. Making a reservation shall at the same time constitute the conclusion of the Apartment Rental Agreement between HappyStay Apartments Sp. Z o. o., 10 Osiek Street, 80-842 Gdańsk, NIP: 5833466877, hereinafter referred to as HappyStay and the Guest, on the terms and conditions set forth in the Regulations and price list.
  4. These terms and conditions of use of the apartments, are an integral part of the Apartment Rental Agreement, concluded between the Guest and HappyStay.

II. Reservation and changes to the reservation.

  1. After making a reservation, the Guest will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation, along with the address of the apartment and where to pick up the keys.
  2. Payment for the stay:
    a. For reservations through booking portals, payment is guaranteed by credit or debit card.
    b. For reservations through the website or by email, a deposit payment of 40% of the value of the reservation, as a reservation fee, is required within 24 hours, to the bank account specified in the confirmation of the reservation. The remaining amount for the stay, the guest is required to pay on the day of arrival at check-in, in cash or by card.
  3. Failure to pay the reservation fee means cancellation of the reservation.
  4. In case of cancellation of the reservation, no refund of the deposit paid.
  5. In case of shortening the stay, there is no refund for unused nights.
  6. All changes to the reservation should be made by email and should be accepted by HappyStay.
  7. The guest is required to pay the applicable taxes in cash: City Sopot: tourist tax and City Gdansk: city tax; in the amount according to the separate updated regulations of each city office.
  8. Each Guest is required to pay a one-time final cleaning fee. The fee depends on the size of the apartment and ranges from 130 pln to 500 pln. When booking an apartment through booking portals, the Guest will receive information about the amount of the final cleaning fee, during the booking process. When booking by email or through the website, the amount of the final cleaning fee is received by the Guest via email in the booking confirmation.
  9. HappyStay reserves the right to refuse to make changes to the reservation if for objective reasons it is not possible. In case of cancellation due to the impossibility of making changes, for reservations made by email or through the website, the Guest is not entitled to a refund of the deposit paid for the reservation. For reservations made through booking portals, the terms and conditions of the offer in which the apartment was booked shall apply.
  10. Reservation change by HappyStay is possible only in the event of force majeure, preventing HappyStay from renting the apartment. Force majeure is understood as: natural calamities, occupation of the apartment by any government authority for any purpose, strikes, wars and riots, and deprivation of the apartment, by the supplier: electricity, gas, heating energy or water. In that case, HappyStay shall be obliged to offer the Guest another date or cancel the contract by returning to the Guest the deposit paid for the reservation.
  11. HappyStay Company reserves the right, in case of failure or fortuitous events in the apartment, to provide a replacement apartment with similar parameters to the booked apartment. In case of disagreement with the replacement apartment, the contract shall be amended and HappyStay company shall be obliged to refund to the Guest the full deposit collected for the reservation.
  12. The offer and prices quoted on www. and booking portals are for information purposes only and do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code. The cost of the stay must be confirmed by HappyStay.

III. Rules of stay.

  1. Guests are required to notify HappyStay of their arrival time no later than one day before the date of arrival. Notification can be made by phone + 48 602 216 102 / +48 602 214 901 or by email at:
  2. Check-in time is from 16:00 on the day of arrival, until 11:00 on the day of departure.
  3. After booking, the guest receives detailed information about the handover of keys. From 10:00 to 18:00 the keys are issued free of charge. Issuance of keys after 18:00 and collection of keys-check-out, before 08:00 (only in Sopot) involves an additional fee of 100 pln to 150 pln.
  4. HappyStay reserves the right to charge a refundable deposit in the form of pre-authorization of a payment card, in the amount of 400 pln to 1200 pln, depending on the size of the apartment, during the check-in process, the refund of the deposit will be made no later than the next working day after the Guest’s departure, after the apartment has been checked by a HappyStay employee.
  5. The Guest is obliged to observe the quietness of the night, safety and fire safety rules of the facility. From 10:00 pm to 07:00 am, any behavior disturbing the rest of the residents is prohibited. In the event of a legitimate complaint to HappyStay due to the Guest’s behavior in the apartment, the HappyStay representative shall have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, with no obligation to refund the remaining reservation period.
  6. HappyStay reserves the right not to issue keys, to persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, behaving aggressively, and thus posing an immediate danger to other persons and property.
  7. The apartment is used for residential purposes. It is prohibited to organize IMPROVEMENTS and PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS in etc.
  8. The number of persons staying in the apartment must be consistent with the number of beds. In case of violation of this point, HappyStay has the right to terminate the Agreement, with immediate effect, without any obligation to refund the amount due for the remaining reservation period.
  9. HappyStay shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused during the Guests’ stay due to: construction or finishing works that may be carried out on the premises in which the apartment is located and around it, interruption of the supply of utilities (including electricity, water, central heating) for reasons beyond HappyStay’s control, noise emissions from neighboring properties.
  10. There is an absolute NO SMOKING and use of UNAUTHORIZED USES in the apartment and in the apartment building. For violation of the prohibition, the Guest will be charged with the cost of ozonation of the apartment in the amount of 1500 pln.
  11. HappyStay shall not be responsible for loss or damage to: money, documents or other important or expensive items.
  12. The HappyStay Company shall not be liable for legal and civil claims in the event of accidents, injuries or death of Guests or third parties on the apartment premises during the Guest’s stay. HappyStay is fully exempt from such liability.
  13. In case of loss of one set of keys to the apartment, the Guest must expect a cost: 500 pln. In case of losing the remote control for the garage door, the Guest must expect a cost of: 300 pln.
  14. Extension of stay must be reported no later than 15:00 on the day preceding the expiry date of the period covered by the reservation. The extension of the stay will be made only if there are free apartments available. Unagreed extension of the Guest’s departure time is equivalent to payment for the next day.
  15. The Guest will be provided with a clean apartment with fully operational equipment. The Guest is obliged to immediately report any damage to the apartment to a HappyStay employee. Failure to do so may result in the Guest being charged for the repair. The Guest will be charged for extra cleaning if the service finds the apartment in a much deteriorated condition.
  16. HappyStay is obliged to remove any defects occurring in the apartment without undue delay, maximum within 24 hours from its notification, unless the nature of the defect determines a longer repair time. Malfunctions arising for reasons beyond the control of HappyStay (supply of utilities, Internet, malfunctions of equipment in the apartment) do not constitute grounds for cancellation of the reservation or change of the price for the apartment booked.
  17. The Guest of the apartment shall bear full financial responsibility for any kind of damage, destruction or shortage of items of equipment and technical devices of the apartment caused by the Guest or his visitors. In case of any damage, the Guest should notify an employee of HappyStay.
  18. The Guest is obliged to use the apartment in accordance with its purpose, not to remove from the apartment any elements of its equipment and decorations, as well as undertakes not to copy the keys to the apartment given to him for the duration of his stay.
  19. The Guest is obliged to dispose of excess garbage (that does not fit in the adapted garbage cans) and not to leave garbage on the staircase. Failure to do so will result in a charge of 100 pln to the guest.
  20. Guests are required not to keep pets in the apartment, unless otherwise agreed with the HappyStay office. HappyStay allows guests to stay with a pet in selected apartments, where the guest is fully responsible for damages caused by the pet. For each day of stay of one pet, HappyStay will charge an additional fee of: 50 pln/day.
  21. The time of departure and return of keys is agreed with the person representing HappyStay. The guest shall leave the facility in an undisturbed condition compared to the state in which he received it.
  22. For the stay of a child under 2 years of age (one child per two adults), sleeping with adults or in their own crib and not requiring bedding, HappyStay does not charge additional fees. At the time of booking, the Guest is obliged to inform about such circumstance.
  23. The number of parking spaces is limited – reservation is necessary.
  24. HappyStay is not responsible for items left behind by Guests.

IV. Emergencies.

In case of unforeseeable circumstances, the effects of which cannot be immediately eliminated by customary means, HappyStay reserves the right to offer the Guest a replacement apartment or reschedule the stay. HappyStay has the right, in case of phenomena of force majeure nature, to cancel the Agreement. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Guest, or the Guest’s property, cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond HappyStay’s control. Amounts paid by the Guest are immediately refundable, with deduction of amounts due for services already rendered.

V. Dispute Resolution.

The governing law for disputes between HappyStay and the Guest, shall be Polish law.
Disputes shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over HappyStay’s registered office.

VI. Complaints.

The Guest has the opportunity to exercise the right to make a complaint about the service provided by HappyStay Apartments Sp. z o. o. and assert claims in connection therewith.

  1. The complaint should include the following data: name and surname of the Guest, e- mail address, telephone number, date of stay, name of the Apartment, possible photos and description of the problem/incident.
  2. Complaints can be submitted in person at the office of HappyStay Apartments Sp. z o. o. at 10 Osiek Street, 80-842 Gdansk or by e-mail:
  3. The time allowed for processing a complaint is 14 working days from the date of its receipt. Information about the result of the complaint consideration will be provided by e-mail to the postal address provided in the complaint application.


Please send any comments, regarding the services provided by HappyStay Apartments Sp. Z
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